Soomin Kim Sea of City

The inspiration for Sea of City came from my experience in Seoul, Korea. Complex subway lines that are intertwined  like a spider web, glowing neon signs, streets always crowded of people and heavy traffic – these are a few things that come to my mind when I think of Seoul. However, what makes me love the city despite all that are not only the beautiful old palaces, delicious street food and passionate and hardworking people but also just the very hecticness of the city and the familiarity of the place.


In the middle of this busy city, flows Han River. Approximately 300 miles long, Han River is lined with public parks, restaurants, walkways and food trucks. Every time I go to Han River, I thought it was such a relief that Seoul has Han River – it seemed to me like the river was holding this crazy city and the people in Seoul wouldn't have a place to breathe if it weren't for Han River.

Although there is no sea in Seoul, I like to think that Han River was like the sea of Seoul, not just because of its vastness but because of the relief and rest it provides to the people of Seoul. Sea of City is, in a way, a love song for the city and its river that are very dear to me.

Sea of City was written for 2017 Alba Music Festival and premiered by Transient Canvas in June 2017.